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 The design is driven by the opal: each piece is handmade, designed to flatter the shape, colour, pattern, movement and character of a particular stone.

Our aesthetic is characterised by a deceptive visual simplicity, the designs distilled until they achieve a beautiful equilibrium, allowing the opal to shine.
This approach results in sophisticated, fine opal jewellery that allows not only the opal to be itself, but also the wearer. A jewel should draw attention to - not compete with - the individual beauty of the opal it cradles and the person it adorns.

We can work with you to achieve a piece that you love. Our award-winning designers have earned loyalty and respect not only for the originality and beauty of their work, but for their commitment to achieving customer satisfaction.

There is no fee for our bespoke design service; at Down to Earth Opals, individual design is de rigeur. With each handmade piece you will receive a certificate of authenticity containing details about the opal, precious metals, designer and maker. And being involved in all steps of the process, from the miner's hand right through to yours, we offer excellent prices and guaranteed quality.  

Please enjoy browsing our selection of available pieces, and feel free to contact us if you would like any additional information before making a purchase.